Happy things + gratitudes


  • Cut freesias on the dining room table – so many scent memories
  • Ocean Beach during Indian summer
  • And more chances than usual to walk by the water recently
  • Revisiting the natural foods co-op that I first started going to with my mom when I was 13 and a brand-new vegetarian :’)
  • Brass’s dresses
  • The way a fresh pen glides across paper
  • Writing in my journal sometimes instead of tweeting, and journaling more in general
  • Navratan korma
  • Cuddling B. in the morning after my first alarm goes off
  • The smell of dried spearmint
  • Watching the original Step Up movie with my sisters, and noticing (and lauging at) how RIDICULOUS everything about it is
  • That I got my nerve up to try something new, hard, and fun recently

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