Happy things + gratitudes

  • The brand-new ballet my mom and I saw last week – small excerpt above! Invigorating and just delightful
  • How the sand felt under me when I sat cross-legged on the beach in the evening of a hot day
  • Cozy socks and a cozy beanie
  • Finally getting a bike helmet, as a birthday present – and a nice one, at that, for the first time
  • Letting myself read and enjoy books which do not require a lot of effort and concentration
  • Hours of snacks and tea and feminism with friends
  • Going to bed early enough to sit up against my pillows and read before I reach the point of drooping eyelids
  • Beginning to build my own “I’m a Grown-Up with My Own Home” Harry Potter set
  • Wonderful springtime clouds
  • That one of my kindred spirit friends from college will be moving to the Bay Area soon, and that I got to hang out with her while she was visiting to check out apartments
  • Sitting down and drinking a full glass of water mindfully
  • An invitation/a thought of visiting an old friend in LA
  • Having letters to reply to (the positive flip-side of feeling behind on replying to letters?)
  • Wandering around a yuppie retail part of Oakland with my dad, admiring the wares in all the yuppie stores (graceful stoneware, adult coloring books, exceedingly precious locally made baby clothes, etc.)

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